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View the COVID-19 Telehealth and Telemedicine Policy for coding guidelines and claims submission procedures. We have also reduced our Prior Authorization Requirements.

ATTENTION: Medicaid CHIP COVID-19 Information Notices

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4/20/2020 Temporary Change in Status for Oral Immunosuppressives Drug Class

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4/14/2020 Claims for Telehealth Service for Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy

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1-855-TX-RIGHT (1-855-897-4448)

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RightCare Provider Manual

Cultural Competency

It is critical that RightCare providers develop a culturally competent system of care — one that acknowledges and incorporates at all levels the importance of culture and the adaptation of services to meet culturally-unique needs.

RightCare members vary in language and culture (e.g., customs, religion, backgrounds, etc.). Our goal is to effectively serve members of all cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds, and religions in a manner that recognizes values, affirms, and respects the worth of the individuals and protects and preserves the dignity of each. We must operate at a level in which cultural knowledge is high and policies and practices are in place that produces positive results and satisfaction from the viewpoint of the culturally diverse client.

Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

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Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)

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Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP)

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Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

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