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RightCare Benefits

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Boost your Medicaid benefits the right way

RightCare offers benefits and services in addition to basic Medicaid covered services for our members. RightCare Members can get these value-added services by completing a voucher found here.

Additional limitations may apply. See the RightCare Member Handbook or call RightCare Member Services at 1-855-TX-RIGHT (1-855-897-4448) for more facts.

  • Extra Help for Pregnant Women
  • Baby Shower and Baby Safety program for pregnant members. Baby shower includes diaper bag and other small items.
  • - Members who deliver with RightCare can receive a $20 gift card for a baby monitor after attending a Baby Shower and completing one prenatal visit during the 1st trimester or within 42 days of enrollment with RightCare.
  • - Members who deliver with RightCare can receive a $20 gift card for a baby stroller after attending a Baby Shower and completing a timely post-partum visit between 21 to 56 days after delivery.
  • - Gift Cards for getting care while pregnant and after delivery:
  • o $75 for completing a prenatal visit in the first trimester or within 42 day of enrollment
    o $20 for getting a flu shot while pregnant
    o $75 for getting a post-partum visit between 21 and 56 days after delivery

  • - Dental Services for Pregnant Women (age 21 and older) – Up to $250 a year for dental checkups which includes cleanings every 6 months x-rays once a year for Pregnant Members 21 and older

    Extra Benefits for Children

  • - Up to $50 towards a newborn car seat for new members under the age of 5 months who get a 4-month Texas Health Steps checkup on-time
  • - $50 gift card for members 15 months and younger who get all 6 Texas Health Steps checkups on-time
  • - Up to $50 towards a Toddler car seat per lifetime for Members getting a 15-, 18-, or 24-month Texas Health Steps checkup on time
  • - Up to $20 towards a Booster car seat per lifetime for Members getting a 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, or 9-year Texas Health Steps checkup and required vaccines on time
  • - Sports and School Physicals - 1 sports physical each year for Members 19 and younger
  • Help for Members with Asthma
  • - $50 gift card every year for Members age 5 to 64 who are prescribed a controller asthma medication and refill their medication regularly
  • - $20 Gift Card for members who participate in an asthma disease management program for not well controlled or very poorly controlled asthma (Level 2 or 3)
  • Extra Vision Services
    Eye checkup once a year for Members age 21 and older

    Short-term Phone Help
    $20 prepaid cellular card twice yearly for extra minutes/texting/data for members enrolled in case management or who are pregnant for certain phone carrier

    Drug Store Services
    Up to a 20% discount at Baylor Scott & White Health Pharmacies for members which includes:

  • - Personal Care items such as deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo
  • - First aid items such as bandages, ointment, and hand sanitizer
  • - Baby Care items such as thermometers

Additional Behavioral Health Benefits
Behavioral Health Inpatient Follow-up Incentive Program: Up to $40 in gift cards for members 5 and older who go to follow up appointments after leaving the hospital.