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STAR Medicaid Benefits

For MembersSTAR Medicaid Benefits

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Your health always comes first

We make sure our Medicaid members are covered from head to toe.

Health Benefits

RightCare gives you every service you get through Medicaid, including:

  • Primary care services for you and your child
  • Yearly checkups for you and your child
  • Hospital care
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • Immunizations for children under the age of 21

Vision Care

We partnered with Superior/Block Vision to offer our members these services at no cost:

  • Eye exams
  • One pair of prescription glasses every 12 months for children under the age of 21
  • One pair of prescription glasses every 24 months for adults ages 21 and older

To find an eye doctor who accepts RightCare near you, call 1-800-879-6901.

Dental Benefits Information

  • DentaQuest: 1-800-516-0165
  • MCNA Dental: 1-800-494-6262
  • United Dental: 1-877-901-7321
  • Liberty Dental (value-added service for pregnant women): 1-877-550-4374


  • No limits on medicines for adults
  • Up to 20% off most over-the-counter medicines and more at Baylor Scott & White Pharmacies

Need a Ride? Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

  • We can help you or your child get a ride, at no cost, to the doctor, hospital, dentist and drugstore.
  • Call us 48 hours before at 1-877-447-3101 (TTY 711) or download the Access2Care (A2C) app.
  • All you need is your ID number, provider’s name and the address.
  • Learn more about NEMT | Member Mailing-Transportation Postcard

Other Benefits

  • Ear doctor visits
  • Family planning services and supplies (such as birth control)
  • Behavioral (mental) health services
  • Help with substance abuse (such as alcohol or drugs)